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Here is Moro's explanation about this album:

"Hi there, this is PIMO's 2nd album called "Yamete!".
Yamete means "Stop it!" in Japanese. A lot of Japanese words are used in this album this time."

Track #1: Yamete!
""Sekuhara" is an abbreviation for "Sexual Harassment". So "Sekuhara Yamete!" means "Stop sexual harassing". PIMO always feel being harassed in many ways; not necessary sexual, but this lyrics naturally came out. I made a melody & Pixy started rapping; the first time rapping for PIMO. "Kimoi Ojisan" means "creepy old man". Kinda inspired by 90's Japanese Band "Tama" who used a lot of dialog in their songs."

Track #2: Aiueo
"Pixy was leaning Japanese on the train & she started singing the melody & recorded the demo on the phone & I put chords later. She found the last "Wawon" sounds interesting & just wanted to say it with her low voice. It's kind of like ABCD... song in Japanese."

Track #3: Souieba
"The intro melody was borrowed from Japanese folk song, but I didn't know the song well & I was singing with completely wrong melody, chord & lyrics which I kinda created on my own.

"Souieba" is the word people say when people suddenly remembered something; kind of like "Come to think of it" in English. The song is about a mother who sew a pair of red gloves spending whole night for her child, just like the original lyrics.

The middle part was UK rock style, but I put upright bass instead of electric bass & it started sounded like Cuban-ish music."

Track #4: Banana Banana
"Pixy made this song while she was eating banana. This song is actually kinda tricky to play when the melody alternate rhythm. You can also hear the latin clave rhythm in it elsewhere."

Track #5: Mimoku
"One of my favorite track in the album. Originally, I wanted make this sounds like the broken tape like sound, but it became more interesting than I expected.
The drums was kinda inspired by Thom Yorke's "The Mother Lode", but this is all played acoustically by my hands.

"Mimoku" is a Chinese word for "Long Johns" & "Mimose" is "Sweater".
I found these words sound cute & imaging Mimoku is a boy & Mimose is a girl. This is a love song about them."

Track #6: Nyanko-chan

"Nyanko-chan is a nickname for kitten in Japanese. Nyan is the sound of a cat cry in Japan, like Nyan-cat.

This song is about a kitty in estrus cycle. She keeps crying & left her owner & going to street.
"Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Uruse-ndayo!" means "Nyan Nyan .... Shut the fuck up!" (said by neighbor).

It used to be 2 songs. Not as dramatic as Beatles' "A Day in The Life" connecting 2 songs into 1, but kinda similar. Also inspired by Zazen Boy's song "Potato Salad"."

Track #7: Don't Let the Small Animals Stay in the Cold Weather

"It's connected from the last song coz I thought there are some connections in songs.

One night, PIMO were walking on street in Brooklyn & found 3 little black kitties hanging out in front of library & I started imagining if they would be okay in the cold winter outside.

We also felt some connections & similarities between us & kitties. After I came home on that night & instantly wrote this song."

Track #8: Taj Mahal is The Best

"There was an Indian restaurant called Taj Mahal where we used to live & I made this song after PIMO had a dinner delivered from them one night. (then I thought Taj Mahal is the best coz the curry was good.)
"Kiss me, Kiss me..." part was a different song, but since it was in the same key, it became one song after all. This song is about Taj Mahal King & Queen."

Track #9: We Were on The Moon

"One of the earliest song I made in this album. PIMO has been playing this song since our 3rd gig at Goodbye Blue Monday in Bushwick, which doesn't exist anymore.

One day, I saw a news that NASA found a trace of water in Mars & I start imagining maybe people used to live there & we had to move to earth because of air pollution or war etc & we just don't remember what happened in the past.

Track #10: Kimini Aini Ikukara Kitto Mattete NE-!

"I made this song in my dream, like I composed "Is It?" from our last EP. I have a background music in my dream & sometimes I still remember even after I wake up & I usually record the demos.

I think I was having a scary dream about ghost & I got up 3 or 4 am in the morning & I recorded the demo in the dark feeling fucking scared.

Lyrics means "I'm going to see you, so please wait for me", which also freaks me out. (This dream came with lyrics...)

Arrangement is like the backward of tape. Drums is reversed in some parts & mixed with the original one. The guitar riff is 5/8 & it alternates in every chorus.

I thought this would be a good ending for this album coz it kinda flash back the whole album."


released July 10, 2015

Pixy: Vocal
Moro: Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Electric & Upright Bass, Plastic Bottles, Desk with Chopstick, Casiotone, Drums Processing, Effects, Toy Piano, Egg Shaker & Triangle

Music & lyrics by PIMO
Recorded at PIMO's apartment in Brooklyn, NY
Arranged, mixed & mastered by Moro
Cover design by Pixy
Produced by PIMO



all rights reserved


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PIMO Brooklyn, New York

PIMO (Pixy & Moro) is a Brooklyn-based artist band by Pixy Liao & Takahiro Morooka

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Track Name: Yamete!
Sekuhara Yamete~

Sekuhara Yamete~

I’m on a train to school on a monday morning
The train was crowded
Like always
Many people around me
Men women cats (dogs)
and fucking little kids

I was just standing there
can barely breathe
I felt a squeeze on my ass
and I turned around
There he was
The kimoi ojisan
This is not the first time
and I’m fucking fed up by this
So I turned around and said…

Sekuhara Yamete~

Sekuhara Yamete~

Please ojisan
You are too old for this
I will not be turned on by
Your stinky hands
Take your hands off me
Before I crush your balls
And always remember
What I’m going to say

Sekuhara Yamete~

Sekuhara Yamete~

Sekuhara Yamete~ x n


Sekuhara Yamete~~~~~~~~~~
Track Name: Aiueo
Ka Ki Ku Ke Ko
Sa Si Su Se So
Ta Chi Tsu Te To

Na Ni Nu Ne No
Ha Hi Hu He Ho
Ma Mi Mu Me Mo
Ya Yu Yo (Ya Yu Yo)

Ra Ri Ru Re Ro
Wa Wo N
Track Name: Souieba
Ka-san ga Yonabe wo Shite
Ande Kureta
Makkana Makkana
Akai Tebukuro

Souieba x n
Pa pa pa pa~
Track Name: Banana Banana
Banana Banana~
Track Name: Mimoku
Mo: Shiranakattayo (I didn't know)
Pi: Shiranakattayo
Mo: Nanimo (anything)

Mo: Mimoku
Pi: Mimose
Mo: Mimoku
Pi: Mimose
Mo: Mimoku
Pi: Mimose
Mo: I need you to warm me up

Mo: Shiranakattayo
Pi: Shiranakattayo
Mo: Nanimo

Mo: Mimoku
Pi: Mimose
Mo: Mimoku
Pi: Mimose
Mo: Mimoku
Pi: Mimose
Mo: I need you to warm me up

In the winter it's so cold
I need you to stay with me
Through the window I can see
You are coming ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba back to me
Track Name: Nyanko-Chan
PM: Nyanko Chan! x n

私の猫は可愛いけど (Watashi no neko wa kawaii kedo)
いつも夜になると叫び出す (Itsumo yoru ni naruto sakebi dasu)
ニャンニャンニャンニャンうるせーんだよ!(Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan uruse-n dayo!)
ある晩こっそり家から抜け出した (Aruban kossori iekara nukedashita)

発情期の子猫 (Hatsujouki no koneko!) x4

Nyan Nyan Nyan... x n

Translation: My cat is cute, but she starts screaming when the night comes.
“Nyan nyan nyan nyan, shut the fuck up!” (said by her neighbor)
One night, the cat escape from my home.

Kitten in heat cycle!

meow meow meow...
Track Name: Don't Let the Small Animals Stay in the Cold Weather
Don’t let the small animals stay in the cold weather

Stay in the cold weather

Don’t let the small animals stay in the cold weather

Stay in the cold weather

Give me your kiss
Give me your keys
Give me your wallet
Give me your everything

Take me to your place
Take me to warm places
Take me to Hawaii
Take me to… SPA!

Stay in the cold weather
Track Name: Taj Mahal is the Best
Kiss me kiss me, Darling darling
Give me your last kiss before I sleep
Hug me hug me, Darling darling
Your hug is warm and sweet
Keep me safe

Taj Mahal is the best
Taj Mahal is my home
Taj Mahal is the best
Bury me in Taj Mahal

Love me love me, Darling darling
My life is meaningless without your love
Leave me Leave me, Darling darling
I won’t be seeing you anymore

Taj Mahal is the best
Taj Mahal is my home
Taj Mahal is the best
Bury me in Taj Mahal
Track Name: We Were on the Moon
We were on the moon
We were on the moon

Yume dattano
Yume dattano
Mega sameruto

We were on the moon
We were on the moon

Mega sameruto

We were on the moon
Track Name: Kimini Aini Ikukara Kitto Mattete NE-!
Kimini Aini Ikukara Kitto Mattete NE-!